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You Can Now Buy A House In Toronto For $1

Now that's somewhere I can afford to live.

It's a miracle. Someone can actually purchase a house for $1 in the year 2016.

Okay...well maybe not quite. Real estate agent, Matthew Pringle commented saying that they are just putting the listing out there to see what potential it has in terms of generating profit. He continued to point out that for some, it may be overpriced while for others it would be a steal.

The photos display that the house is going to be a fixer-upper for sure. However, some people make gutting a house and performing a complete renovation a hobby; in which case, the property could be worth more to some over others. Sitting at 450 Pape Avenue. Riverdale, the 25,000 square foot house itself has an interesting story. It was originally built in the 1880s by William Harris and was later used as a home for single mothers after being sold to The Salvation Army in 1930.

Realistically, the outdated home is more likely to sell in the million ball park rather than the current $1 starting price.

Check out the listing here.

Photo cred - Century 21

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