Forget a house - an entire Canadian town is for sale, and it costs less than the average price of a home in Toronto.

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Bradian (pictured above) is a small, 20-hectare ghost town in BC just two hours north of Whistler. It was once a bustling hub during the gold rush of the 1930's that benefited greatly from being located near one of the most proliferant gold mines in the country. Unfortunately, in 1971, gold prices plummeted and the mine closed down, causing people to abandon the area and look for work elsewhere.

Today, many of the ghost town's original facilities still remain standing. Twenty two houses, a handful of functioning power lines and proper rural zones are still available in the area. Locations for cross-country skiing and white water rafting are also nearby.

In 2010, Bradian was put on the market for just $995,000, and was bought by the China Zhong Ya Group Hebei Canada-China Co in 2014. They planned to invest in the town and create jobs in order to rebuild it back to its former glory. But the deal fell through as a result of changes in provincial qualifications and the town was re-listed for $1.2 million just last year.

That's less than the average price of a detached home in Toronto, which was at $1.28 million this May (and is probably even higher now).

Of course, with deals like this there are always catches; the obvious one being that one would need to relocate to the West coast. But also, the sewage in the town also needs a bit of upgrading, and roads would need to be repaved.

More information on Bradian can be found on its dedicated Wikipedia page.

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