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You Can Now Decide On What The Next Loonie Should Look Like

Canadian money is known for its bright colours and cute designs (beavers's are adorable, don't lie to yourself) . To celebrate the 150th anniversary of our home and native land, coming up in 2017, The Canadian Royal Mint is set to release a new set of coins to commemorate our Canadian past, present and future.

If you click here, your favourite design could be featured on all our coins in two years. All the new coin ideas were created by Canadians and features 5 categories like "Our Achievements", "Our Passions" or "Our Future".

Our personal favourite design is named "Want To Build a Snowman?", not to be confused with the Frozen song "do you want to build a snowman?".

Voting ends October 9, and you can vote as often as you like for your favourite coin design in each of the five categories.

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