Ah summer in the 6ix is almost here (finally!), time for patio season, beers, nights out....wait that's how much for a pint? We've all been there, with drink prices shooting so high they can take in the #views we know the struggle of trying to avoid FOMO while saving your wallet.

Starting June 1st the Craft Beer Passport is saving all your problems. For 20$ you'll get the passport, access to bars like Local 1794 in the East and Rainhard Brewing Co. in the West where you can select (what else) 12oz. pints of craft beer for only 2$.

Choose your own adventure and go for the east end passport, the west end, or the full one to give you access to both. It all starts June 1st with a launch party at Revival Bar, and lasts until November 30th. So pack your bags (and some advil), and enjoy responsibly.

Way up we feel blessed.