Around this time of year we all start getting mad wanderlust. Everyone's going on reading week, spring break, planning grad trips, the list goes on.

So why not book a trip to Sweden? You can now fly from Toronto to Stockholm for just under 200$! Perhaps a perfect starting location for a Eurotrip?

This flight is scheduled for May of this year, which is perfect for students who have just finished university. The price is for a one-way flight and does include taxes. A returning flight will cost between $350-500...but really, why come back?

The airline, Wowair, is a cheap airline that has been making headlines for their extremely affordable pricing to locations like Sweden, Stockholm, Amsterdam and London.

In case you're not convinced that you HAVE to go to Stockholm, here is just one photo that will convince you otherwise:

Photo cred- Lonely Planet 

For more info on this exact flight, click HERE.

Photo cred- Wowair