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You Can Now Get Butter Chicken Burritos In Toronto

A fusion of the favourites!
You Can Now Get Butter Chicken Burritos In Toronto

Toronto's latest street food craze is a deliciously cultural masterpiece! The latest food to hit the street scene is none other than a butter chicken burrito, which combines two popular dishes of Indian and Mexican cuisine into one yummy roll to eat on the go!

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The butter chicken burrito can be found exclusively at The Kathi Roll Express. The Kathi Roll Express also offers other Indian burrito items, such as tikka chicken, piri piri chicken and chilli chicken. The chicken in the burritos can also be substituted with paneer, a tofu-like cheese, making it suitable for vegetarians. 

Apart from burritos, The Kathi Roll Express also offers Indian Tacos and Kathi Rolls. Kathi rolls are similar to the burrito, except it is wrapped in a traditional Indian flatbread. The Indian tacos come in four different options, butter chicken, tandoori fish, savoury lamb and a special one called "the ultimate fusion". 

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The Kathi Roll Express operates out of a food truck and a restaurant, so you'll be lucky enough to grab a delicious butter chicken burrito in various places across the city depending on where the truck is! 

They also offer traditional Indian dinners consisting of a full platter, complete with traditional Indian biryani rice and a different kind of chicken of your choice! Grab one of their burritos for an easy on-the-go meal for a yummy way to spice up your life! 

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