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You Can Now Get Charcoal Cookie Dough In Toronto

Cookie dough for dark soul.

With so many new food crazes this summer, some of the top ones in the city are definitely cookie dough scoops and charcoal infused desserts. The newest craziest dessert to hit the scene is none other than the beautifully dark combination of charcoal and cookie dough.

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But this is no easy find across the city. The dough is exclusive to Dough.TO, a cookie dough pop-up shop that's available only on the weekends. And because it's a pop-up shop, they're only here until the end of August.

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Located in Kensington Market, the shop is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30am to 6pm, and flavours do go fast so it's best to go early before they sell out!

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The pop-up shop is also available for short periods of time in different parts of the city. Other cookie dough flavours they have include the classic chocolate chip and s'mores cookie dough. 

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This treat is one to satisfy your inner cookie dough loving goth soul before the summer ends!