Combination foods are taking over Toronto. 

We have sushi-tacos, Big Mac Pizza, the list goes on and one. And while some of those combos are a bit far fetched, this next one is a match made in foodie heaven. 

The cinnamon bun ice cream sandwich just makes SENSE, and is the perfect way to sweeten your day. 

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You can find these awesome treats at Rosen's Cinnamon Buns,  located at  825 College St. This is a bakery who strictly only makes cinnamon buns, and that's honestly all they ever need to do because they are amazing. Possibly the best buns in the city, they area  brioche dough bun with a gooey, liquidy centre that crusts on the bottom of the bun, topped with the perfect glaze. 

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Now cut that bun in half, and add vanilla ice cream in the middle... heaven. 

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