You Can Now Get Cotton Candy Ice Cream Burritos In Toronto

Burritos meet ice cream cones!
You Can Now Get Cotton Candy Ice Cream Burritos In Toronto

There seems to be a new ice cream trend every other day, but this summer there's one cone that trumps them all. This new cotton candy ice cream burrito is out of this world and if you're a fan of ice cream, you will not regret shoving this in your pie hole. Or should I say ice cream hole? 

This new cold treat creation comes straight out of the dessert shop Sugar Sugar in Sarnia and consists of ice cream, candy, sprinkles, and all the fixens you could dream of wrapped up in a flattened 'tortilla' made entirely of candy floss. 

But you don't have to fill up your gas tank and road trip to get this awesome sugar high. This summer, its making its way to Toronto via YOSH! at Toronto's Taste of Asia Street Festival. 

The festival, which is held Kennedy and Steeles in Markham, will showcase cultural performances, celebrity guests and culinary artists for 3 hole days of culture appreciation. It's free admission too, so the only think you'll have to pay for is your colourful and delicious ice cream burrito! 

For more info, check out the website for Toronto's Taste of Asia here.