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Ripley's Aquarium Now Has A Bar

The most unique date you'll go on this month.
Ripley's Aquarium Now Has A Bar

Anyone who hasnt been to Ripleys Aquarium of Canada yet is seriously missing out. The must-see, world-class aquarium is a blast for both tourists and locals alike, regardless of age (or love of under water creatures).

Speaking of our underwater friends, Ripley's is home to an impressive 16,000 aquatic animals, reminding us all that Sebastian the Crab was right; it really is better "undah the sea.”  As if that isn't enough, the aquarium also boasts a trippy underwater viewing tunnel that happens to be the longest in North America!

Now, even if you've already visited Ripley's once, twice, or maybe even three times, their monthly Friday night events are not to be missed by anyone.

On the second Friday of every month, the aquarium throws a truly hidden gem (or should we say pearl) of an event called Friday Night Jazz from 7-11pm.  This event is characterized by live music performances, as well as, wait for it...CASH BARS. That's right people, we know you like to get freaky on Friday's, so go get a little "wavy" at Ripley's.

This event is the perfect backdrop for so many different occasions: 

Kinda nervous for that first date? Grab a drink or five and be mesmerized by the beautifully lit up jellyfish. It's bound to get you in the mood. Not to mention jazz music is SEXY. Take your date to Ripley's and you'll be sure to "sha la la la kiss the girl" (okay, we're done with the Little Mermaid jokes).

Tired of the usual birthday dinner/club combo and want your friends to tell you how 'you always have the best ideas, when it comes to planning?

Get dressed up with the gals and pretend to be *fancy* and *cultured*, while sipping cash bar vino and listening to elegant Jazz music. Whether your entire night is taken up by Ripley's, or just begins there, the aquarium is the perfect spot to celebrate. Added bonus: the underwater tunnel has a moving walk-way, so even if you have trouble walking in heels, you're least for that portion of your visit.

Drinking like a fish not really your thing? Look no further than Ripley’s Stingray Experience!

Get the VIP treatment, complete with a behind the scenes tour, free Ripley’s swag, and a USB with photos of you and the rays that is sure to get you more than a few likes on Insta. And if your girl has been bugging you to go away to the Caribbean lately, this aquatic adventure is basically the same thing.

Regardless of what kind of experience youre looking for, Ripley’s Aquarium has something for everyone and won’t have you feeling like a fish out of water.

Check out Ripleys Aquariums Facebook and their official website for more info!

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