If you've ever seen videos or pictures of crazy food fads from Japan you definitely already know about cotton candy clouds that are literally bigger than a person's face. This fad is probably one of the best out there because who doesn't love cotton candy, right? 

There's a Korean ice cream shop that is known for their unreal churro topped ice cream treats that has decided to bring this fad to us! Now, in addition to topping your ice cream with a delicious, chewy churro, you can add a massive cloud of cotton candy on top as well! 

If you want to relive your childhood of eating cotton candy as much as humanly possible, Mr. Chu is the spot to go. 

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Mr. Chu is located at 15 Finch Ave. W in the North York area of Toronto. Their Korean-style churros already draw crowds, shaped like a loop and topped with all kinds of yummy nuts, treats and dips! 

How it works at Mr. Chu is you can choose your ice cream base from 4 different flavours: vanilla, chocolate, match and black sesame. Then you choose from 4 different churro dips: matcha, chocolate, condensed milk and cream cheese. After that you can choose from 5 different churro toppings: peanut, oreo, granola, almonds and sprinkles. 

Brand new this summer is their cotton candy cloud topping that you can add or you can purchase a giant cotton candy on it's own for the sweetest summer treat! 

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The prices at Mr. Chu's are definitely a little expensive if you choose to get the ice cream, churro AND cotton candy toppings but it's totally worth it. Their ice cream ranges from $2.50-$3.50 depending on the flavour, the churros are $4.50 and the extra cotton candy cloud topping is $2. 

If you want to just buy the massive cotton candy stick they will cost $5 each! Mr. Chu just released this unreal cotton candy treat on June 1st and they'll be here for the entire summer. 

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Check out their Instagram page for more information.