Tim Burton has captured our imaginations through his amazing films for decades, from The Nightmare Before Christmas to Sweeny Todd. Burton has gained such a cult following over the years that it's no surprise that the Gladstone Hotel is hosting a show called A Tribute to Tim Burton.

The show is an all female show and contains work from 25 local animators and illustrators. The show will run until April 14th and all the works are inspired by Tim Burton's work. It will be interesting to see how different artists interpret his rather spooky but also eccentric style and make it their own.

It seems that Toronto just loves Tim Burton, considering there this isn't the first Tim Burton exhibition to pop up in Toronto: In 2010, TIFF held a massive show at the Lightbox.

To all the true Burton fans, make sure to click attending and invite all your friends to the event HERE.

Photo cred- Facebook