You Can Now Take A Kanye West Course At This University

"I feel like I'm too busy writing history to read it."
You Can Now Take A Kanye West Course At This University

If you've ever though Kanye West's lyrics deserved deeper analysis, you'll love the premise of this new university course. This semester, Washington University in Saint Louis is offering a course called "Politics of Kanye West: Black Genius and Sonic Aesthetics." The course is taught by Dr. Jeffrey McCune.

McCune explained how the course came to be in the St. Louis Post Dispatch.“I always wanted to teach a course looking at black genius and the impossibility of black genius for the American public,” he said. “We’re always thought of as maybe being articulate or smart but not really genius.”

McCune credits West with using music to as a platform to demonstrate his abilities. 

“Hip-hop is a way to show our creative genius,” he says. “Kanye really uses hip-hop as a vehicle to display all of his talents, albeit some better than others.”

As of now, 75 have students have signed up for the course, which will include "critical listening parties" and guest speakers. You can learn more about McCune here. 

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