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You Can Only Enter This Toronto Pop Up Cafe With A "Secret Key"

A one of a kind spot.
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You Can Only Enter This Toronto Pop Up Cafe With A "Secret Key"

Let's be honest for a minute here: coffee is life. Nobody in Toronto would be able to function without at least one cup of coffee daily - and that's a beautiful thing if you think about it.

Coffee is kind of like the city's common denominator. Everyone loves it, everyone drinks it, and everyone's got their favourite spots to enjoy a hot brew.

Plus, we've all got some common gripes about our fave coffee shops. Like misspelled names, too many man-buns, long lines, etc. 

One other thing we can all agree on? When a cup of coffee is good, it's really, really good but it can also be hard to find.

Nescafe's Coffee Taproomis pretty much everything you could want in a coffee shop. They've got fast WiFi, tons of outlets (I mean, cafes were meant for laptops right?), and comfy places to sit and study or work. What they don't have? Long lines, complicated orders, or expensive drinks.

In fact, the coffee here is straight-up delicious; and you'll always get exactly what you want, because you get to make it yourself

The coffee here is made whenever you want it, with hot water taps, and the secret ingredient: Nescafé's Sweet & Creamy Sachets. Which means that getting a consistently delicious cup of coffee is pretty much as simple as ripping the sachet open, adding hot water, and preparing to fall in love with your coffee.

Not only do these sachets offer a delicious and quick, customizable, high-quality cup of joe, but they also happen to be your key into the Taproom.

Get this: In order to get into the Nescafé Coffee Taproom, you're going to need to scan your Nescafé Sweet & Creamy Sachet at the door... and then voila. Access to a super cute, comfortable and exclusive Toronto cafe, just like that!

So where do you find these delicious sachets? You can get them at your local grocery store, order them online at or come down to the Taproom at 499 Queen St. West and a brand ambassador will give you a sachet to unlock the doors.

Nescafé's Coffee Taproom will be open every day until July 12, from 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM at 499 Queen St. W, so you'll need to check this spot out ASAP. Just make sure you bring your key with you! 

If you're still hesitating, take a peek here:

For more information on the cutest pop-up cafe in Toronto, check out Nescafé right here