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You Can Pretend You're Carrie Bradshaw At The Manolo Blahnik Exhibit In Toronto

If you're like me and you've watched all 6 seasons of Sex and the City like 5 times already and each of the movies at least twice, I've got some huge news for you!

We all know how obsessed Carrie Bradshaw was with her shoes but her absolute favourite designer was Manolo Blahnik. The way she spent all her money on those shoes and how much she gushed about them in the show definitely made us wish we could go out and splurge on designer shoes.

But alas, we never did because not many people can afford thousands of dollars worth of shoes like Carrie somehow could. Luckily, Toronto's Bata Shoe Museum is hosting an exhibit dedicated to Manolo Blahnik shoes so that we can go admire them in person! 

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The Manolo Blahnik Exhibit has been touring major cities in Europe like Prague, Madrid, and Milan and it's making it's one and only North American stop right here in Toronto! 

It will be open to the public from May 16th, 2018 until January 6th, 2019. During the exhibit you can see over 200 shoes and 80 original drawings picked out by Blahnik himself from the past 45 years of his career. 

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@manoloblahnikhqembedded via

Toronto's Bata Shoe Museum is the final stop for the touring exhibit and will host a huge gala in celebration. The date for this exciting event will be released closer to the exhibit's arrival. 

Tickets to see the exhibit will cost $14, the price of their regular admission for an individual. Walk through the halls full of stunning designer shoes spanning from the early 1970s until now! 

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You know Carrie Bradshaw and her gal pals would be attending if they could! Check out their website for more information. 

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