Ziplining is undoubtedly fun in the summer, but have you ever tried going during the winter?

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Adventure Seeker Tours offers a unique, winter ziplining experience in Elora, Ontario that takes explorers over a beautifully frozen Elora Gorge. The program starts with a of rappel instruction in the morning, followed by a trek to an 80-ft tall cliff where the zipline is located. You'll be sent flying 200-ft across the gorge where you'll be able to take in all of the beautiful sights and sounds of the Wellington landscape.

All of the technical equipment, such as helmets and harnesses are provided, but participants are advised to layer appropriately, wear winter boots, and bring hot drinks and a hearty lunch with them to the site.While there will be experts available for guidance throughout the program, a waiver must still be signed.

For more information, visit Adventure Seeker Tours' website here.

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