You Can Ride An Epic Zipline Across This Massive Canyon In Ontario

Fly like an eagle.
You Can Ride An Epic Zipline Across This Massive Canyon In Ontario

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to fly across the skies? In Ontario, there's a great place where you experience that very sensation for yourself.

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Eagle Canyon is a beautiful natural site in Dorion, Ontario, which is just 45 minutes east of Thunder Bay. It is the smaller of a duo of canyons in the area, consisting of two spectacular wooden footbridges and an epic zipline that are all suspended hundreds of feet above a river below.

The zipline runs half a mile long at 175 feet high. Courageous riders begin their ride from the top of the canyon and can reach speeds up to 45 mph as they descend across. The entire ride only takes approximately 60 seconds to complete, but every second is filled with adrenaline-pumping thrills and scenic views.

According to their website, one of the footbridges is actually the longest in Canada, extending 600 feet across the canyon at 152 feet high. The second footbridge is a little smaller, spanning 300 feet across the canyon at 125 feet high. Both bridges offer unparalleled views of Dorion and its wondrous canyon landscapes.

Aside from the footbridges and the zipline, there's also lots to explore in the surrounding area. Hiking trails, picnic areas and gift shops are scattered nearby the canyon, and there's also a shuttle service available for seniors and persons with disabilities.

An entrance fee of $20 is charged to each visitor ($10 for children), and the cost of riding the zipline is $50 per participant.

Soar the skies this summer at Eagle Canyon! For more information, visit their website.

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