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You Can Ride Hot Air Balloons Over Ontario This Summer

The adventure of a lifetime!
You Can Ride Hot Air Balloons Over Ontario This Summer

Spring has officially sprung in Ontario and I can tell that everyone is itching for some adventure. We've been cooped in our houses for far too long, afraid of the frigid air outside but now that's over! 

When we walk outside for the next few months all we'll feel is sunshine and warmth! That means it's the perfect time to start planning your summer adventures and this one should definitely be at the top of your list. 

Ontario is full of gorgeous views on the ground but what about from above? Sundance Balloons gives you the opportunity to ride in a hot air balloon way above the rolling hills, flowing rivers and shimmering lakes that make up this amazing province! 

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The hot air balloon season starts in May until October so they're officially open for business again! If you've ever dreamt about taking a hot air balloon ride, now is your chance to cross it off your bucket list. 

Sundance Balloons operates in multiple Canadian cities with a few different locations in Ontario. You can fly over Ottawa, Toronto, Kitchener and London! 

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The pricing of a hot air balloon ride varies depending on which day of the week you're choosing. Weekday morning flights cost $250/person, weekday evening flights cost $295/person and an anytime flight including the weekends cost $325/person. 

It is a bit pricy for an outdoor adventure but it's definitely worth it for the views and the thrill. It's also an amazing idea for a gift and a super popular spot to propose to that special someone! 

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Check out their website for more information and to book your adventure of a lifetime! 

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