As Ontarians we're incredibly lucky to live in a province with so much nature and exciting adventures around every corner. But we're also close to a lot of nature and adventures outside our province as well. 

Right beside us is the State of New York which is also home to tons of unique outdoor activities that anyone who lives in Ontario should start taking advantage of. 

One spot in particular is called Revolution Rail in The Adirondacks of New York and they offer the coolest new way to explore the lush forests in the area! 

Revolution Rail has created these super cool rail bikes that will take you along abandoned railway tracks through the forest of Adirondack Park! They officially opened up spring bookings already and you can get on one of these rail bikes starting May 12th! 

This super fun spring and summer activity is located about a 4 hour drive from Ottawa, a 6 hour drive from Toronto and a 4 hour drive from Kingston. It's definitely worthy of a day or weekend trip from Ontario! 

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It's a bit of a workout but there's barely any uphill sections so it won't be too difficult. These trails will take you past some serious stunning views on a completely new form of transportation! 

The tour will take about 2 hours to complete and they offer 4 throughout the day at 10:30am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm and 4:40pm. It costs $80 for 2 people and $140 for 4 people. 

Check out their website for more information.