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You Can Roll Around In These Giant Hamster Balls In Ontario

Think you can handle the hamster life? Well, you can find out in Ontario, where one company is offering the unique experience of rolling around in giant, "hamster" balls.

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Hamster Fun was founded with the goal of "promoting outdoor play and an active lifestyle through unique, fun and exciting activities." Their "hamster" balls, or Zorbs, take quite a bit of energy to maneuver, which makes them perfect for a fun exercise.

Inside the Zorb, you can walk, run and even do somersaults. In groups, participants can crash into each other, bumper car style. In certain areas, rolling hills and downhill curves heighten the experience and make it seem like a giant obstacle course.

The company is available for private functions, including birthdays, family reunions and corporate outings. Each booking consists of a training session and, of course, a chance to try out the Zorbs for yourself. Prices vary depending on the number of participants, but the standard cost for one person is $19.00.

Book your hamster experience now at Hamster Fun's website.

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