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You Can Save $2000 In Tuition Fees Thanks To This Toronto School

Get a good education and save money, too!

Alright, raise your hand if you've graduated uni and are still just figuring out what you want to do in life. Or if you've been on a career path for a while, but you're just not feeling it anymore.

Is your hand raised? No shame in anything if it is, because the truth is that it can be super difficult to decide on a fulfilling, fun and enjoyable career. It's what you'll be doing for the rest of your life, after all!

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But that's where one Toronto school swoops in to save the day.

RED Academy is all about inspiring its students to find their true calling, and then swiftly after that, find a job in their dream field. They specialize in digital marketing, design and technology, and they've got campuses in Toronto, Vancouver and in London, U.K. too!

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The really cool thing about RED, though? Their courses in User Experience & User Interface Design, Digital Marketing, and Web & App Development are all taught in-person, by industry professionals. Students work with local businesses (real clients, not case-studies!) to help improve their websites, apps, and digital marketing strategies, all which can be used to build up their portfolios.

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Not only does this make you ready to hit the ground/workforce running, but RED will also invest in you and make sure you land that first job. Their students are supported from the moment they enroll at RED to the moment they get hired for their new career in tech though personal and professional development sessions, in-house career coaches, resume & interview assistance, and alumni panel discussions. This gives students a wholistic education in just 3 months. They're seriously centered on making sure their grads are job ready.

Oh, need even more proof that RED has totally got your back? Now until January 26, they're offering an Early Bird Tuition price. So if you enroll into one of their awesome full-time marketing, design or development programs before January 26, they're going to save you $2,000 in tuition fees.

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Yup - a whole $2,000, SAVED.

For more information on RED Academy Toronto and their Early Bird Tuition price, check out their website, Facebook and Instagram pages.