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You Can See These Mind Bending Art Installations In Toronto This Month

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You Can See These Mind Bending Art Installations In Toronto This Month

Toronto is about to get artier this January. There's an art and design festival happening with more than 100 free events and exhibitions to check out. This year, there are some pretty amazing installations at DesignTO that you won't want to miss.

Installations are my favourite because they're totally immersive. Often, they are set up in galleries and warehouses but they can also pop up outside in unexpected places. They can be a little on the alternative side and they seem to grab my attention more than regular art in a gallery. 

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One of the pieces I'm most excited about is EFFERVESCENCE, an installation of pendant lights that creates an illusion of bubbles! There's also Dissipate Like a Cloud or Smoke or Wintery Breath, which is an evocative sculpture using geometry to capture a fleeting moment. Come Up To My Room is going to be one of the hottest exhibits, taking place inside the Gladstone Hotel and filling it with site-specific installations for four days!

Even if you feel like you don't know the first thing about art and design, seeing these kinds of exhibits can really take your breath away. These installations can spark a dialogue between you and your friends and even make you think differently about the everyday objects around you. Plus, they will look amazing on your Instagram stories!

Via Come Up To My Room

DesignTO is running from Friday, January 18 to Sunday, January 27 this year. Most events, exhibits and installations are free to check out! See their website for more details and to learn more about these mind-bending art installations.

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