Ontario is one of the most festive places in Canada. Throughout the province, a variety of cities and small towns transform themselves into dazzling winter wonderlands, complete with brightly glowing lights, colourful decor and overwhelming holiday spirit.

In Ontario's cottage country, the town of Bracebridge is one of the most popular places for Canadians to visit during the summer, due to its exceptional shopping, dining and arts and culture. But many people aren't aware of just how beautiful it becomes in the winter.

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Located just 2 hours north of Toronto along the Muskoka River, the town transforms its central region into an incredible Winter Village where locals and visitors can participate in the winter cheer. Perhaps the main attraction of the Winter Village is the skating trail at Memorial Park, which meanders through the park and various Bracebridge landmarks.

While the skating trail is open all day, perhaps the most magical time to visit it is during the night. The trees become illuminated with hundreds of twinkling lights, and the entire area serves as a magical backdrop for your skating session.

There's also another skating rink nearby at Annie Williams Park, as well as a variety of snow-covered river trails that offer a more outdoorsy, in-nature experience.

In the new year, the town closes off one of its main downtown streets and converts it into a massive tubing hill using over 50 truckloads of snow. The event, which is called the Fire & Ice Festival, will occur on January 27, 2018 and will feature several fun events like a pancake breakfast, road hockey tournaments, outdoor fire pits for marshmellow roasting, ice carving, magic shows, scavenger hunts and much more.

via @visitthebridge

Visit Bracebridge today and revel in its incredible Winter Village!