You don't have to go all the way to Africa to embark on a safari adventurethere's a place right in our province where you can do just that, and more!

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Jungle Cat World in Orono, Ontario is a zoo dedicated to the care and preservation of jungle cats and other exotic animals. Opened in 1985, the zoo was founded by Wolfram and Christa Klose, a couple who adopted a male lion cub named Pasha four years earlier and have been obsessed with jungle cats ever since.

The zoo offers many interesting programs, including a unique Night Safari that allows guests to explore the zoo at night when the animals are most active! The evening begins with a Wildlife Presentation in the Education Centre of the zoo, where guests will get up close and personal with a variety of amazing animals like tigers, servals, tarantulas and snakes. Afterwards, a safari guide will walk participants through the zoo at night, where they can observe giant jungle cats like leopards and jaguars leap around and feast on their dinners. The night ends with a large campfire, roasted marshmellows and the natural sounds of the zoo.

The fee for the Night Safari is only $50 per person, and it includes the wildlife presentation, zoo tour, bunkhouse lodging, dinner, snacks and free admission to the park the following day. A minimum of 20 people are required and a $200 deposit will be required to secure booking.

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