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You Can Stay Overnight In A Jail Cell At This Haunted Prison In Canada

When it comes to unusual accommodations, nothing beats this eerie, allegedly-haunted hostel in Ottawa that was once a county jail. 

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Known before as the Carleton Gaol, the historic 19th-century building housed a variety of prisoners, from those who were guilty of minor infractions to serial murderers. It was also the site of Canada's last public execution, which occured in 1869 when Patrick Whelan, the killer of Thomas D'arcy McGee, was hanged in front of over 5,000 onlookers.

It gained a reputation for being haunted when it closed in 1972, after which several people began reporting ghost sightings and paranormal activities in the building. The hauntings may be due to the deaths of many prisoners who stayed there, as they were subject to cruel conditions like starvation, torture, and being kept in complete darkness (they were also burned and buried in a makeshift graveyard in the rear of the building). One area of the prison that is said to carry an excessive amount of negative energy is a narrow hallway called "The Hole", which was where notorious criminals were kept in solitary confinement.

People who walked down that corridor noted a strange force that seemed to physically engulf them and render them temporarily immoble. There have also been reports of several spirits floating through the walls of the prison; some of which were deemed as aggresive (and even violent) with their haunts.

Today, thrillseekers can enjoy actually spending a night in one of the jail's cells. Each 3-ft by 9-ft cell rents out for around $48 a night, and comes complete with a double bed, lamp, bedside table, electricity, free WiFi and a lock that can be operated from both sides of the cell door. 6- to 8-bed jail cells for males, females and co-eds are also available for groups and cost around $38.

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