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You Can Swim Like An Actual Mermaid At This Magical School In Toronto

Were you ever a kid goofing around in the shallow end of the pool and pretending you had a fishtail? Now, there's a place that will teach you how to magically swim like an actual mermaid and it's literally making dreams come true. 

If you're like me, then you grew up watching movies like Splash, Mermaids and The Little Mermaid and wondered what it would be like to swim gracefully under the water. The AquaMermaid School teaches people all over Canada how to live out their childhood dreams of being a mermaid.

This is not your average swim meet. Your instructors are vibrant and full of positive energy to help even the most uncoordinated flounder become an elegant mermaid. You'll learn how to swim with a tail, swimming techniques and do a synchronized swim with your fellow mermaids! You'll borrow one of their incredible mermaid tails for your class and all you have to bring is a swimsuit and a towel.

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Taking this class would be so much fun for a birthday or bachelorette party! Plus, being a mermaid for a day is a killer workout for your core. Once you practice swimming with both of your legs kicking together like a mermaid, you won't want to stop! You can try out a mermaid class or book a mermaid party in Edmonton, Ottawa, TorontoQuebec City and Montreal.

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