If you have a cottage in Muskoka or have ever gone to your friend's cottage in the area you know that driving up there in on a Friday afternoon or before a long weekend can really suck. 

The inside of the car is always super hot and on the traffic feels like it barely moves for the entire way up, so by the time you actually get there you’re so tired all you want to do is just nap all weekend.

So there’s good news for people who want to go to the cottage, but want to avoid having to sit in the car for hours. 

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Starting today there’s an Air Taxi service running from Toronto to Muskoka that won’t break your bank account.

FlyGTA is a new service that will fly you from Billy Bishop airport to Gravenhurst for the low price of just $140.

The flight only lasts about 35 minutes, so you could go from downtown Toronto to sitting on the dock in less than an hour.

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For a quick look at how this compares to your other options on getting to cottage country if you were to take the bus it would cost you about $30-$40 but take well over 2 hours.

Driving costs you gas money - and we all know how expensive that is – and will also take you at least 2 hours to do. 

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And taking the train is pretty much impossible because it only goes to Washago, you’d then need to take a cab the rest of the way.

So if you’re getting away from the city, but have zero interest in sitting in traffic, this might be the thing for you. 

Source: Toronto Star