There is arguably no better duo in existence than man and dog. Humans have been blessed with the unwavering loyalty and companionship of dogs for centuries, and they deserve only the best in return. If you're a dog owner, there's a cute spot in Ontario that's perfect for showing your pups just how much you love them...

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Munchies Coffee House and BARKery is a dog-friendly café that serves food for both you and your pet. They are "committed to bringing health and happiness to pets through nutritious, great tasting snacks," and all of their foods are prepared in-house with wholesome, zero-preservative ingredients.

The restaurant concept was devised by owner Rosie, who is an avid dog lover with a passion for baking. She has over 20 years of baking experience from growing up in her family's bakery and has developed her own tasty recipes for both humans and dogs. She worked closely with a veterinary nurse to make sure that all the ingredients used in her dog recipes were safe for their consumption.

Two menus are offered at this café. Humans can treat themselves to freshly-baked goods and hot drinks, while their pets can enjoy original snacks like salmon sniffers, yam yums, apple crisp twists, peanut butter claw tracks, and even doggie birthday cakes!

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Some house rules to follow:

  • Dogs can be brought inside the restaurant, but no unaltered males are allowed on the premises
  • The Munchies dining room is for paying customers only
  • No outside food or drink is allowed

The restaurant owners also ask that you take your dog on a brisk walk before going inside. There's a green area beside their plaza where you can take your dogs to relieve themselves before heading to the restaurant!

Visit Munchies Coffee House and BARKery at: 1000 Upper Gage Ave (Unit #4), Hamilton, ON