Are you looking to visit the west coast? If so, why not consider a scenic train ride adventure instead of a flight?

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Via Rail Canada is currently offering a deal that will allow you to travel to Vancouver, BC by train starting from $397 on certain dates. Although that price is only for a one-way trip, it may still be worth it to those who are looking for different travel experience.

The trains that operate on this trip depart from Union Station and makes some stops at major cities in the prairies. Along the way, you'll encounter beautiful sights of the Canadian landscape, from rolling hills and green pastures to majestic lakes and mountains. The entire trip takes around 3 days to complete, so this travel option may appeal more to those who are a little more adventurous.

 Visit Via Rail Canada's lowest fare page to browse for dates that offer the deal (Additional costs such as baggage fees and taxes not included in the price).

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