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You Can Try Any Fitness Class In The City For Just $5 Thanks To This Toronto-Made Website

Get access to over 50 different gyms.
You Can Try Any Fitness Class In The City For Just $5 Thanks To This Toronto-Made Website

Good day and Namaste my fellow active Torontonians. I am a yogi. But, I am also a yogi who wants to spin, barre, and kick box. There was this one time, at not band camp, when I had memberships to two gyms and a yoga studio. And I didn't go to any, as I was in physical agony from my over-commitment.

Now, even as a proud member of only one yoga studio, I still want a play-all-places passYoga #everydamnday has its benefits, but also its limits, or plateaus. And I don’t want a pass that takes away business from our local gyms and funnels it elsewhere (*clears throat* ClassPass).

Enter JustTryItThis awesome passport gives you your choice of 10 classes at 50+ participating gyms across Toronto for just $49. It's the perfect gentle commitment. Can I get a Hallelujah?!

Here's what you need to know: Toronto is awesome, and it has a butt-load of matching fitness classes of all shapes and sizes to suit all tastes. JustTryIt has partnered up with more than 50 studios across the city (everything from Yoga to Kickboxing, and Barre to Surfset), all loaded with a variety of exciting classes, and ranging in activity and difficulty level- from first-timers to advanced.

So what's an active, commitment-phobe to do?

With your 10-class passport, you are free to explore your options to your heart's desire, without being tied-down by any restricting memberships. It's as easy as dropping in for whatever class you want to try with your six digit code.

JustTryIt is also just as Torontonian as we are. And unlike ClassPass, which takes business away from our gyms, JustTryIt supports the community and keeps our studios open. Plus, after each workout, you receive an exclusive deal directly from the studio in case you’d like to sign on for longer. Huzzah!

Meet new people, try new classes, find new muscles.

Easy there long-sleeved spinner, your blurry friends are in no mood. But luckily, choosing which class you want to do is way easier than a spin class, or clipping into a spin class for that matter. And at Frappuccino-priced classes ($5), you can't really go wrong.

Get #ponytail goals.

Staying in shape is already a huge challenge in itself. But add the hassle of being faithful to only one over-priced gym that doesn't even offer you any options, and it becomes downright impossible. Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and I do like me some spice.

Check out the JustTryIt website for more info, and get your fitness passport to try the best gyms in Toronto. As an added bonus, sign up by September 15 and earn 3 extra classes if you mention Narcity!