Most of the time when we hear about a new exhibit, a cool museum or an exciting show it's usually taking place somewhere far away from Canada like Europe or New York City. But now, tons of world-renowned art shows, exhibits and museums are going out of their way to make a Canadian stop right here in Toronto! 

Some of these include the Monolo Blahnik exhibit taking place this year at the Bata Shoe Museum, the super cool Museum of Illusions setting up a permanent location this fall and now this epic light show being displayed under the Gardiner in October! 

Well what is this massive light show and what's it all about, you ask? It's called Waterlicht and it's all about representing the power and poetry of water through lights. The lights and special effects will be placed way above your head so it will make you feel like you're underneath a huge, rushing flood of water! 

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This unique display of lights mixed with art was created in the Netherlands by a Dutch artist named Daan Roosegaarde. His work has been shown in cities like London, Paris, New York, Amsterdam and a lot more! This year, we're lucky enough to host this unreal show right here in Toronto! 

It will run for 3 nights this fall from October 12th-14th after the sun goes down at 7pm. While the light show itself is clearly beautiful and mesmerizing, the point is to raise awareness about rising water levels all over the world. 

They use a combination of LED lights and lenses to create a unique changing and layering of the light and colours. While you're watching the show above, a podcast will play broadcasting stories about rising water levels and the potential impacts it can have. 

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Check out their website for more information!