It almost feels too good to be true but spring has finally arrived and summer is just around the corner! Now that our days are going to be filled with sunshine and clear skies it's the perfect time to explore the great province that we live in. 

We're all incredibly lucky to call Ontario our home because it's filled with unreal nature almost everywhere you go. There's shimmering turquoise lakes, rushing hidden waterfalls, fields of endless flowers and so much more. 

While the typical way to explore the beauty of Ontario is to go on a sunny hike, why not switch it up and try something daring. If you head over to Elora, Ontario you'll find a super fun zip line that will take you across a huge gorge! 

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The Elora Skyrider Zip Line lets explorers soar over the massive Elora Gorge from over 100ft above! The Elora Skyrider Zip Line is run by ONE AXE Pursuits which is about a 2 hour drive from Toronto, a 6 hour drive from Ottawa, a 4 hour drive from Kingston and less than 2 hours from London. 

They're open only on the weekends in June and September but for July and August they'll be open daily! ONE AXE Pursuits offers rides for $30 each and you can choose to go more than once if you like. 

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You can also choose an extreme rappelling and zip line option that rappel instruction in the morning, a trek to the 80 foot tall cliff where you'll jump start the zip line. Then they'll hook you up to the zip line and give you all the equipment you need before they send you off for a 200 foot zip across the gorge and then rappel 80 feet back down to bottom! 

This option costs $175 which is definitely a bit more steep than paying per ride but this is the best choice if you want to get the full Elora Gorge experience! 

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Check out their website for more information.