A few months ago, there were talks that a high-speed transportation system between Toronto and Montreal was in the works. There are now more details about that massive project.

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TransPod Inc. is an company that specializes in transportation technologies. It is planning to develop a hyperloop pod-and-pipeline system that can travel between Toronto and Montreal within 45 minutes (this takes into account acceleration and deceleraration times - for continuous travel, it could take only 30 minutes to get from one city to the other).

Essentially, commuters would ride in computer-controlled pods housed in a vacuum tube. The lack of air and friction inside the tube would allow the pods achieve speeds of up to 1,200 km/h. Sebastian Gendron, the CEO of TransPod Inc, is hoping to conduct research on further technologies that could also benefit this system, including electric engines, magnetic propulsion and pressurization.

Ideally, the company would like to have 50 pods in the tube, with economy vehicles carrying up to 30 people and business vehicles carrying up to 10. However, such a project will be very expensive - Gendron estimates a budget of around $8 to $10 billion for the entire project. Funding for the the first stages of research will begin at the end of this year.

Gendron is also looking to present the idea at the InnoTrans conference in Germany to get the support of potential investors.

Check out TransPod's website for more information.


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