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You Must Visit These Breathtaking Yellow Fields In Ontario This Summer

Ontario is home to a collection of seemingly endless yellow fields that offer a dazzling view of the rural Heartland. But what exactly makes up those brightly coloured meadows?

They're actually plants called rapeseeds, which are flowering members of the mustard or cabbage family. Farmers cultivate them every year for their oil-rich seeds to make canola, which is used in multiple applications including cooking, lubricants, and even fuel in some cases.

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Ontario farmers planted a total of 45,000 acres of canola last year. In the southern regions of the province, the rapeseeds are usually at their brightest yellow in the springtime and are harvested in early July and August. 

You can almost always find them while driving along the rural highways in the province, or near small towns along the way.

One of the best routes for seeing canola fields is on the way up north to Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula. Many people who make the trip stop by the side of the highway to take photos in the fields, or enjoy a quick picnic before heading out on the road again. 

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Photo shown is of @autumnliggett in a canola field near Bruce Peninsula

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To get from Toronto to Tobermory, all you need to do is follow Hwy 10 north to Hwy 6, then follow the rest of Hwy 6 to its end.  Some of the brightest canola fields are at the Bruce Peninsula itself, so you may want to save your roadside stop for when you're nearer to the area.

Make sure to visit a canola field this summer!

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