There's a few different activities that come around every fall that bring us all happiness and joy. Some of these things include picking out and carving pumpkins, dressing up with your friends on Halloween, and of course, apple picking. 

Going to the nearest apple orchard and hand picking a bucket of apples is so fall it hurts. This is the best activity to do with your S/O, best friends or family members on a crisp fall day! Actually, apple picking season has already begun and will continue only until October. 

One of the best apple orchards for a pick-your-own fall outing is Pine Farms Orchard located in King City. They have 21 different kinds of apples for picking that are available for picking right now!

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The Pine Farms Orchard is just a 50 minute drive from Toronto, a 4.5 hour drive from Ottawa, a 2 hour 50 minute drive from Kingston and a 2 hour drive from London. It's the perfect place to go for a fun trip on a crisp fall day! 

Apple picking isn't the only fun activity you can enjoy at Pine Farms Orchard; they also have a pumpkin patch so you can pick out the perfect pumpkin for Halloween, a bakeshop where you can pick up delicious, pre-baked pies and other baked treats, and a cafe that offers brunch on the weekends, sandwiches, pastries and coffee! 

This adorable orchard also has a hiking trail called the Oak Ridges Trail located off the farm that you can easily use for a fall hike that offers amazing views of the fall colours! 

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They're open from 9-5 all 7 days of the week but weekends are obviously their busiest days! Check out their website for more information.