Ontario is home to several breathtaking waterfalls, with over 100 of them located in the city of Hamilton alone. In fact, Hamilton has been dubbed "The City of Waterfalls" for its sheer abundance of them.

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But if there's any one waterfall you have to visit,it's the iconic Webster's Falls. Situated in the beautiful forested Spencer Gorge Conservation Area, the waterfall features a two-tier rock formation that surging waters spill over into a gorgeous pool of water below.

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Webster's Falls has remained a quintessential tourist spot since it was purchased by the Webster family back in 1819. Over the years, the site has seen thousands of people; with up to 3,000 during peak weekends.

Throughout the year, volunteers at The City of Waterfalls organization sometimes put on nightly light shows at the falls, which makes them even more magical.

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The journey to the waterfall is satisfyingly scenic one. There are two main hiking options in the surrounding area - one along the top of the escarpment, and another that loops down the gorge and comes back around.

The latter trail, known as the Bruce Trail, has other popular waterfalls along its path, such as Tews Falls and Sydenham Falls. There are also gorgeous vistas to check out, such as  the Dundas Peak, which overlooks the stunning forested lands in the area.

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The Spencer Gorge Conservation Area has an entrance fee of $5 per person. Plan your trip to Webster's Falls before the summer ends!