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You Need To Road Trip To This Stunning Waterfall In Ontario ASAP

You'll be fall'in for this spot in no time!
You Need To Road Trip To This Stunning Waterfall In Ontario ASAP

Spring has sprung people! Well, almost. Winter seems to be more stubborn than ever this year and just won't leave us alone but we know that the warm weather is coming up soon.. hopefully!  

But even though the weather isn't ideal for road tripping just yet, we can at least start to plan all the fun adventures we want to take once it is. Ontario is full of stunning waterfalls but these ones should be at the top of your list. 

Kakabeka Falls is the second largest waterfall in all of Ontario, just a bit smaller than Niagara Falls, surprisingly! These falls have been largely been one of our provinces best kept secret but everyone deserves to see the magnificent sight at least once in their lives.

Kakabeka Falls is located off of the Kaministiqua River near Thunder Bay which is about a 15 hour drive from Toronto and Ottawa. Though it is quite the trek from our two major cities, it's definitely worth it if you're a true adventurer. 

Believe it or not Kakabeka Falls is just 11 metres shorter than Niagara Falls! With Niagara Falls sitting at 51 metres high and Kakabeka Falls at 40 metres high. You can walk out onto a boardwalk that offers a prime viewing spot of the falls and the gorge below. 

There's also tons of walking and nature trails in the area that's perfect for exploring once the weather warms up. The Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park is also open for camping during the warm months which is perfect for those that are traveling a long way to get here. 

They call these falls the 'Niagara of the North' because of how magnificent they are and the fact that they're frequently compared to Niagara Falls. If you want to avoid all the tourists and crowds at Niagara Falls this year, these are a great alternative! 

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