You Need To Try The Fish Shaped Ice Cream Cones At This Toronto Spot

Nothing screams summer more than ice cream!
You Need To Try The Fish Shaped Ice Cream Cones At This Toronto Spot

We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief right now because winter is finally over! It was a long, brutally cold winter that seemed like it was literally never going to end. But it finally has and now all we have to do is enjoy it! 

Nothing screams summer, warmth and sunny days more than ice cream, right? But why go for a boring old plain cone when you can eat your ice cream out of a cute AF fish shaped cone! 

Red Bean Waffle House serves up these adorable fish shaped ice cream cones and some seriously delicious ice cream and toppings to boot! 

Red Bean Waffle House is located at100 Steeles Ave W in the Thornhill area. This type of fish shaped waffle cone is called 'Taiyaki' which is basically a fish shaped cake originally from Japan. 

The most common way to eat a Taiyaki is with a red bean filling or other types of fillings like custard, chocolate or cheese. But the new trend is to eat this delicious fish shaped cake filled to the brim with creamy ice cream! 

Some of the ice cream flavours you can try include green tea, mango, black sesame, red bean, ginger, strawberry and more! The cone is stuffed with red been filling and they also top it off with a crunchy biscuit and a pocky stick. 

But eating these Taiyaki with ice cream isn't the only way to enjoy them at this shop, they also sell them the traditional way, stuffed with fillings and you can purchase a box to take home!

Check out their Facebook page for more information. 

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