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You Need To Try These Delicious Mini Egg Stuffed Cookies In Toronto This Spring

I think we can all agree that cookies are the ultimate comfort food. Whenever we're having a rough day, need to eat our feelings, or just having a sugar craving cookies are always a go-to. If you love anything cookie related you're going to love the gourmet cookies at this cookie shop in Toronto! 

Cookie Scoop makes insane stuffed cookies but our favourite is definitely the mini egg stuffed cookies. I mean, combining handfuls of delicious Cadbury mini eggs with cookies is pretty genius and this cookie shop was the first to do it in the city! 

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You can find Cookie Scoop located at 1115 Castlefield Ave in North York. They used to only offer their mini egg stuffed cookies as a seasonal treat in the spring but now you can officially get them year-round! 

Their mini egg stuffed cookies are available in-store or Canadians across the country can order them through their website! You don't have to make a trip out to Toronto for these bad boys. 

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But mini egg stuffed cookies aren't the only unreal mini egg creations you can get here. Cookie Scoop also creates massive mini egg cookie pizzas and mini egg cookie cakes which are probably the coolest things we've ever seen! 

Some of the other flavours of cookies you can try include Reese's, Oreo, Kit Kat, M&M, Mars Bar, Nutella, Snickers Bar, Twix Chocolate Chip, White Kit Kat, Caramilk, Birthday Cake, Banana Chip, and so much more! 

Check out their website for more information! 

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