If you're a cookie monster and you know it you judge a chocolate chip cookie pretty hard. It has to be gooey in the right way, slightly warm in temperature, packed with enough chocolate chips and backed with a crisp (but not hard) bottom. Le Gourmand has a chocolate chip cookie that is literally to die for. Mixed with lots of chocolate, it's the perfect cookie.

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With one bite you'll have an EXPLOSION in your mouth full of sweet flavour. For pure joy in your mouth, you need this cookie :')

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This cookie has enough chocolate chips in it to last you a week. Fluffy and chewy and so very delicious! They also have a chocolate chip walnut cookie that his highly recommended.

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@legourmand won the "Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in 2017." Well, obviously, look at this thing ^^^^

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MY MOUTH IS WATERING JUST LOOKING AT THESE THINGS. Slightly undercooked on the inside, Le Gourmand's cookie has an ooey gooey texture that is exactly what you need for the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

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Pair your scrumptious chocolate chip cookie with a beautiful latte (with some wicked latte art) for an afternoon pick me up!