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You Can Live Out Your Dreams Of Flying At This Epic Flight Simulator In Mississauga

Ever wanted to pilot your own plane but also don't want to have the possibility of death if everything goes wrong? Well you're in luck then because Ufly Simulator in Mississauga has a flight simulator built out of the cockpit of a Boeing 777. 

The simulator is set up to give people the most realistic experience possible. You can choose the airport of both your departure and destination.   

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Don't worry that you totally have no idea how to fly a plane at all, you'll be paired with a flight instructor who will guide you through every single step of your flight so you don't have to worry about hitting the wrong button and suddenly finding yourself spiralling out of control.   

You can even bring a friend to be your co-pilot as well so you don't have to sit behind the controls alone!  

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Of course an experience like this doesn't exactly come cheap, the cheapest package available $149.00 but it's totally worth it, when else are you ever going to be able to fly a plane from Toronto to the Bahamas?  

So if you're looking for a chance to fly a plane with zero chance of dying this is definitely something you need to check out. 

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