You Will Soon Be Able To Fly From Toronto To London, Ont. In Under 20 Minutes

Skip the 401.
You Will Soon Be Able To Fly From Toronto To London, Ont. In Under 20 Minutes

Would you spend money on a flight from Toronto to London, Ont. in order to avoid the lengthier drive on the 401?

Fly GTA, the airline that offers the shortest commuter flight in North America, is expanding its service to two new locations within the next few months — London, Ont. and Peterborough. 

"We're currently in a fleet upgrade program. We're changing up our airplanes for little bit nicer, faster airplanes. So we're focusing on that, but we expect to add more destinations later on in the summer," a company rep told CHCH.

The airline first launched $99 flights between Toronto and Niagara two years ago, relying on the appeal of their 15-minute travel time to sell tickets. The concept has definitely caught on, as flight ridership has more than doubled since last year, with 200 passengers using the Toronto-Niagara service every two months.

Fly GTA also launched $129 flights between Toronto and Waterloo, and Toronto and Barrie. Such routes are also popular among frequent travellers and continue to sell out tickets.

Prices for the Toronto-London and Toronto-Peterborough flights have not yet been announced, however, there's a chance that they will be in the same range as the Toronto-Waterloo and Toronto-Barrie flights. Once these flights take off, Fly GTA says they will look to destinations outside of the province to expand to, including New York, Boston and Montreal.

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