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You'll Be Able To Get Free Sushi Burrito In Toronto Next Week

That's definitely something to be thankful for.

The Sushi Burrito craze has officially taken over Toronto. If you're still not sure what that is, it's exactly what it sounds like: a giant sushi hand roll in the shape of a Burrito, take a look for yourself.

via @rolltationtoronto

For those of you have haven't tried it yet, here's your chance to have one for free (This also applies to everyone who's already obsessed with them: Rolltation is giving out free sushi burritos this up coming Monday, which happens to be Thanksgiving! They want to "thank" Torontonians for being so awesome, with what Torontonians love most: FREE FOOD.

It's taking place 12pm-3pm on Monday, Oct 10th, at 207 Dundas Street West (Rolltation)! It's limited to 1 sushi burrito per person.

Turkey<Sushi Burrito...just saying.

For more info about this event, click here.

via @rolltationtoronto