Canada is celebrating it's 150th birthday this year and VIA Rail just made it all the more exciting. Everyone loves to travel but the cost of it all can sometimes be too much, especially when you're looking to make it across Canada.

Well look no further because for the whole month of July VIA will let you travel as far and wide as you want for only $150! Yes, you read that right, only $150 for a whole cross country trip. The Canada 150 Pass is for youth travellers and it will grant you unlimited travel for a whole month this summer.

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Although the pass can only be used for economy class travel, you can get from Ontario to British Columbia for the trip of a lifetime! If you're between the ages of 12 and 25, you qualify for this special promotion. Now is the time to go and see our home and native land.

You can purchase the passes online right now! Grab your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or go alone...this summer is meant for adventure!

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