Yep, you read it correctly.  On October 28th seventy grocery stores in Ontario will begin stocking wine on their shelves.  And eventually 300 more supermarkets across the province will be licensed to sell wine as well!  This will include both domestic and imported wines, all in which will be perfect for wine and cheese night!

By late October you'll soon be able to pic up a bottle of wine at... 

Loblaws Inc.

Metro Ontario Inc.

Sobeys Capital Inc.

Wal-mart Canada Corp.

Even Toronto's own Kathleen Wynne is stoked about wine coming to our grocery stores!


Now that beer and soon-to-be wine will be available in grocery stores, we will only have to make an extra trip to the LCBO for spirits.  As of right now The Star has stated that "Spirits will remain the exclusive purview of the 650-outlet government-owned Liquor Control Board of Ontario, which will also continue to sell beer and wine".

Source: The Star