6 New Toronto Bars You Should Have Already Gone To

It's not too late to try them!
6 New Toronto Bars You Should Have Already Gone To

So 2015 is long gone and 2016 is in full swing, but that doesn't mean we should forget the great things that the previous year brought us, right? In this case, those 'things' being the awesome bars that sprung up all over city in 2015. And while there's really no excuse not to have already frequented these watering holes, we get it: things came up, you got lazy or maybe you pre'd too hard and didn't make it out. Whatever the case, it's still not to late to try out the newest and best bars of 2015:

Photo cred- @apt200to

Apt 200

Maybe you visited the wildly popular Apt. 200 in Montreal, but that still shouldn't stop you from checking out Toronto's version of the residence-inspired club/lounge. The comfy couches, the arcade games, pool table, and TV playing Sportcentre all give the vibe that you've wandered into a house party hosted by your one really cool friend that has his shit together...and gets laid, a lot. There's something sexy and smooth about Apt. 200 that we just love. As for drinks, try their Apt. Collins or their own special Apt 200 brew!

Photo cred- Early Mercy

Early Mercy

Early Mercy opened up in the latter half of 2015, but if you haven't already been, you're definitely the odd one out. After starting 2016 with their unreal New Year's party, "Midnight Kiss", there is no doubt that Early Mercy is becoming a staple in the Toronto nightlife scene. It's decor gives off a sophisticated yet modern and fun vibe, with art installations scattered across venue, including portraits of world leaders transformed into modern day rebels. Gandhi wearing cool shades and a hoodie? We're into it.

Photo cred-@thelockhartto

The Lockhart

This bar's opening in 2015 caused quite the stir amongst Potter-heads. People from all over Canada, not to mention Toronto, have visited this bar due to it's Harry Potter-inspired elements. From the name, to the drinks ( try the Beffundelment Draught), to the decor, this spot has just the right amount of "magic" without it becoming too "Harry Potter World in Orlando".

Photo cred- Odd Thomas Facebook

 Odd Thomas

It's no secret that Toronto loves beer, and not just any beer: good beer. Enter Odd Thomas, a nightclub/beer bar. Part of the Mascot Brewery family, it is located on the third floor of the same building. Instead of your typical bottle service of Grey Goose (although they totally have that too), at Odd Thomas you can get a table-side mini kegs, which is a great alternative to pounding back shots of poison vodka all night.

Photo cred- The Addison's Residence Facebook

The Addison's Residence

The Addison's opened up in the summer of last year and has been non-stop fun ever since. The concept stems from the idea that the wealthy family that lives next door, The Addisons to be exact, has left us the keys to their ultra-cool home...so why not throw a house party? The decor is very 1970s California, complete with three different rooms: A kitchen, a living room, and a games room. The added bonus: they have pizza delivered every Friday and Saturday, as any good party should!

Photo cred- @trackandfieldbar

 Track and Field

Toronto bars are always coming up with something new, so when Track and Field opened in April of 2015, it's lawn-games bar concept was welcomed with open arms. The bar is equipped with two astro-turf bocce ball courts and two shuffleboard decks, available for rent, that give the bar that "something-extra" Torontonians are always on the hunt for. Try their Versace Versace Versace cocktail, that is served on a fake $100 bill.

What were some of your favourite bars of 2015?! Let us know.