It’s not even June yet but much of southern Ontario is currently sweltering in the heat and people are begging for any kind of relief from it they can get. 

For many that means air conditioning, but it you live in an apartment building where the landlord has control over that you may be waiting a bit for some AC. 

That’s because there’s a certain date that landlords have to turn it on for, which we have not reached in the year yet.  

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That date is June 2. 

Until then landlords are under zero legal obligation to help you and your apartment keep cool. 

If landlords are the ones providing their tenants with air conditioning they have to keep the temperature below 26 degrees from June 2 to Sept. 14.   

Air Conditioning should go on, if provided/supplied by the property owner, from June 2nd to Sept. 14th to maintain an indoor temperature of not more than 26 degrees Celsius. Municipal Licensing & Standards is unable to take any action outside of these dates. ^de

May 28, 2018

If the date falls outside of that range, it's up to the tenants to find their own ways to cool down. 

Many landlords tend to wait before turning it on for their tenants because it on saves them money by waiting an extra few days.  

So if your landlord is the one controlling whether or not you can get any air conditioning right now you’re out of luck for the time being.  

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The good news is you only have to wait until Saturday of this for them to legally have to turn it on for you. 

Until then though you'll probably be sitting next to a fan. 

Source: Toronto Star