Toronto has a wild party scene, and it comes as no surprise that tons of Torontonians take advantage of it. Whether it's Rebel or Wayward, there is always something going on. Though, there are some staple clubs you have had to have visited at some point if you are from Toronto. So check out these 20 clubs and see how many you've got crossed of your list! 

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EFS // 647 King St W

EFS is aspiring Instagram/Fit Tea model city but it still can be a great time. Plus it's King West location makes for the perfect place to go out if you want to grab some late night grub afterwards.

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Rebel // 11 Polson St

Relatively newer to the Toronto clubbing scene, Rebel made a big impact fast after replacing Sound Academy. The club/concert hall hybrid has hosted massive names like Miguel and Khalid and is definitely worth the trek outside of the downtown core.

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Apt. 200 // 1034 Queen St W

Apt. 200 may not technically be a club but it's still a spot tons of Torontonians frequent. The house party vibe of the venue makes for a great time and the killer aesthetic will supply the perfect backdrop for your insta pic of the night!

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Sneaky Dee's // 431 College St

Another not-really-a-club spot but if you haven't attended at least one of Sneaky Dee's theme nights, have you been living under a rock? From Spice Girls to The OC night the dive bar is constantly scheduling theme nights that are perfect for your next girls night out!

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Uniun // 473 Adelaide St W

Uniun's space has a very modern meets industrial vibe to it that makes for the perfect spot to party after a long day of classes. So if you love dressing up and getting lit you've probably been to Uniun at one point in your life.

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Bar 244 // 244 Adelaide St W

Bar 244 is popular for good reason, cheap drinks. If you are a student in Toronto and haven't visited yet, you really should. With $3 mixed drinks and beers it's perfect for a broke student!

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Grace O Malley's // 14 Duncan St

Whether you visited while in high school or still frequent the bar, Gracies is the watering hole for not only Toronto students but also every and any hockey player in Ontario. #snipedanglecelly

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The Addison's Residence // 456 Wellington St W

The Addison's tropical vibe is the perfect spot for an Instagram shot, and 90% of Toronto's party scene have already taken advantage of it. From the quaint outdoor vibe to the yard games it's a spot almost every Torontonian has visited.

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Lost and Found // 577 King St W

You've definitely had a crazy night out at Lost and Found while dressed to the nines. With booths and bottles this place can be a blast and you can get some fire shots of you and your friends looking your best.

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Everleigh // 580 King St W 

Are you really from Toronto if you haven't taken a picture with the 'The 6' sign? Whether you were drunk enough to take the shameless candid or not, you've probably spent a night out at Everleigh at least once.

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Early Mercy // 540 King St West

Early Mercy is the place to go for staple top 40 and a lively crowd, and every Torontonian knows it.

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Wildflower // 550 Wellington St W

Wildflower's wallpaper/mural vibe they've got going on has been the perfect backdrop for many Toronto clubber's night out #OOTDs. Overall though the two floors are tons of fun and a great spot to visit with friends!

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Oasis // 99 Blue Jay Way 

Wayne Gretzky's rooftop patio is the place to go in Toronto during the Summer. The patio is completely decked out so it's obvious why it's so popular amongst city goers.

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Cube // 314 Queen St W

Cube is quite literally the size of a closet, a cube sized closet. Regardless it is the venue of choice for many students who are down for a good time and cheap cover!

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The Drake Hotel // 1150 Queen St W

The Drake Hotel is a popular spot in the city for many reasons, from brunch to dinner to drinks the spot brings it's A game. So whether you are partying on the killer patio or downstairs, you are guaranteed to have a good time!

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Wayward // 1096 Queen St W 2nd Floor

Wayward has a killer space. Their hip hop Fridays and their constant free cover makes the spot popular amongst many Torontonians, especially students!

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Same // 510 King St W 

It's bodysuit SZN every night at Same and we are 100% ok with it. The spot is a staple in Toronto nightlife but you probably already knew that!

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Citizen // 522 King St W 

Citizen is the place to go if you want a night out on King West. From killer food before the night hours start to the actual party scene itself, it's the best spot to have a classy night out!

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Cabana // 11 Polson St Unit 2 

Nothing says Summer like Cabana Sundays right? Whether you went to enjoy the hot weather with a drink in hand or wanted to show off your new bikini, you've definitely partied on an inflatable swan there at least once.

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The Brunny 

#RIPBrunny. This place was a hot pile of garbage but don't pretend like you didn't go to The Brunny with your shitty fake in high school. If you didn't you missed out on some seriously cringey but fun nights out. At least the new Rexall kept the old sign?