You're Not A True Torontonian Unless You've Been To At Least 15 Of These 21 Cafes

But first, ☕.
You're Not A True Torontonian Unless You've Been To At Least 15 Of These 21 Cafes

Toronto is home to an insane amount of coffee shops, and that doesn't include the Starbucks and Tim Hortons locations that seem to be on every single street corner in this city. If you are a fan of supporting local coffee shops or just prefer their coffee and ambiance, you probably have been around the block when it comes to coffee shops that you've checked out.

Whether it's based on the neighbourhood you live in, your taste in coffee, or the kind of ambiance you are looking for, you have definitely hit at least a few of these spots on this list. So, check out these 21 cafes and see which ones you have tried out and which ones you will be adding to your bucket list. With the chilly weather rolling in, there's never been a better time to make a coffee bucket list! 

Balzac's // 1 Trinity St 

If you haven't been to Balzac's at some point, do you live under a rock?! Whether you grab it from the on-campus location at Ryerson or visit their original spot that used to be an old toy store, you have at least seen the iconic logo on their cups carried around the city by fellow city-goers. 

Sorry Coffee Co. // 102 Bloor St 

Sorry hit Toronto's coffee scene in a big way a few years back when they first opened and flooded presumably every Torontonian's Instagram feed. Who can blame people for snapping a pic though?! Not only is the actual spot screaming to be featured on your feed, but their cup packaging is to die for as well! 

Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen // 613 Queen St W

Early Bird is known for their white walls and neon blue sign but those aren't the only elements to this cute coffee spot that Early Bird has going for them! They serve up arguably one of the prettiest brunches in the city (see above) as well as some killer coffee to get your caffeine fix! 

Quantum // 460 King St

Quantum's design is all about simplicity, any minimalist will definitely appreciate the interior of this spot considering how clean and white the space is. Not only is this coffee shop a great place to look at, but their coffee tastes just as great as their interior design looks! 

Pilot Coffee // 66 Front St W 

Pilot nailed the classic aesthetic vibe they've got going on in their spot on the head. From their plant wall to the white countertops and bamboo throughout the space, it's practically begging to be featured on your Instagram! 

Boxcar Social // 1208 Yonge St 

Boxcar Social is such an underrated spot considering they were one of the OG Instagram cafés back when being an "Instagram influencer" wasn't a thing. From their Distillery District-esc design to the actual coffee they serve up, this place is definitely a must-visit if you haven't already been already. 

Hale // 300 Campbell Avenue

Hale is another great coffee spot that combines all the aesthetics an Instagram lover could ask for. A Little bit of greenery, iron, exposed wood and a hanging installation? I'm almost 100% positive that whoever designed this place probably also has a lust-worthy Instagram theme. 

Dark Horse // 215 Spadina Ave 

Dark Horse is a crazy popular place to grab coffee in Toronto considering they've got several locations and all of them are equally well designed. They/ve got a very vintage/rustic vibe going for them and it definitely works considering all of their locations are constantly packed! 

Dineen Coffee Co. // 140 Yonge St. 

Dineen is a gorgeous coffee spot and serves up some serious Parisian vibes which can be hard to come by in the city. Not only do they have some gorgeous unique design elements like their key lights and patterned tiles, but the drinks and treats they serve up are just as drool-worthy as their interior! 

Odin // 514 King St E 

Odin is another super popular place in the city to grab some coffee considering they've taken a unique route when it comes to minimalist design. Not only is the space clean and calming as well as the coffee delicious, but this spot is also a great place to study at considering there is tons of room! 

Propeller Coffee Co. // 50 Wade Avenue 

Propeller is a super cool space to grab some coffee, especially in the Summer considering they've got a massive garage door that opens come warmer weather. Though, the colder months shouldn't deter you from getting your caffeine fix here! The interior is adorably designed and the staff are super friendly! 

Jimmy's Coffee // 107 Portland St 

Jimmy's is another crazy popular spot as they've got several locations around the city. Though if there is one location that holds a special place in my heart, it is definitely their Kensington location (pictured above), considering it looks like it was taken straight out of New York. 

Offsite // 867 Dundas St W 

Offsite is such a cool place to study and grab a coffee. They have the similar minimalist theme that is pretty popular when it comes to coffee shops in the city, but they also have massive overhang lights that give the space a whole new feel! 

Tucana Coffee // 1413 Dundas St W 

Tucana Coffee is a very small location but that shouldn't deter you from popping in to grab a brew! Their adorable wallpaper and set up speaks volumes as to what you can do design wise in a small space and their coffee is always fresh and delicious! 

Constantinople Bakery And Coffee // 536 Queen St. West

If you are a fan of not only coffee but also fine china and a good patterned tile, look no further than Constantinople. I mean, the picture speaks for itself when I say they have some gorgeous china and an eccentrically patterned interior! 

De Mello Palheta // 2489 Yonge St

If you are looking for a classicly good cup of coffee, definitely venture to De Mello Palheta! They serve up tons of options for even the pickiest of caffeine lovers and you definitely will find yourself revisiting this place often. 

Rooster Coffee House // 568 Jarvis St.

Rooster Coffee is a classic example of a cool coffee shop. They have the black and white octagon tiles, wooden bar stools, subway tile and other refurbished touches that give the space an overall warm and welcoming feel. It's no wonder the place is so popular! 

Sam James (PATH) // 150 King St. W

If you are looking for a cute coffee spot but don't want to venture outside because it's starting to get too cold for your own comfort, look no further than Sam James! This coffee shop is located in the PATH, meaning you can access it from indoors! 

Te Aro // 983 Queen St. E

Te Aro is known quite well on Instagram for their adorably designed to-go cups, but that isn't the only part about this spot that is worth an Instagram feature. The venue itself is super adorable and houses some incredible drink options whether you are caffeine obsessed or not! 

Manic Coffee // 426 College St

Manic coffee is not only a great place to grab a coffee but just as great of a spot to hang out and chat with a friend or get some readings done (if you get there early enough to grab a table)! From the exposed brick wall to the massive acorn LED sign, it's a warm space that you will definitely revisit after your first time! 

Sense Appeal Coffee Roasters // 96 Spadina Ave

Sense Appeal is a great place to grab coffee in a spot that has a great aesthetic and a warm ambiance that will keep you feeling cozy even in these colder months! Plus, their spicy chai is incredible (but as someone who is obsessed with anything chai related I may be a little bit biased).

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