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YouTube Just Announced New Streaming Platforms For Canadians

Google is bringing some awesome new content to Canada.
YouTube Just Announced New Streaming Platforms For Canadians

Now that we're living in an online world it seems as though there are new streaming services being announced every day. Recently, the Canadian communication company Rogers announced new services but it will be tough to beat what Google has in store for Canada. 

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YouTube Premium and YouTube music have just been confirmed to become available to Canadian customers, meaning no more ads for avid streamers. Both platforms were previously only offered to our neighbours in America, but now Canadians can try out the services. 

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Like any good service, there is, of course, a fee involved. Access to YouTube Music is starting at $9.99 a month, just like competitors Spotify and Apple Music. For YouTube Premium, subscribers pay $11.99 for access to ad-free content, downloads, YouTube Original content, as well as a subscription to YouTube Music. 

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This means that those who subscribe pay an extra toonie for a complete bundle. YouTube Premium was previously known as YouTube Red and was Google's response to other streaming services. The best part about using the premium YouTube? The background feature, which allows you to close the app and still listen to whatever you're streaming.

Since Google has ownership of the streaming website, there is the added bonus that subscribers will also be able to use Google Play Music at no additional cost. 

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So what can you watch on YouTube Premium? Internet sensation Liza Koshy has an original series called Liza available, as well as new sci-fi thriller Impulse (which includes one of Drake's old Degrassi pals, Lauren Collins). There is confirmed to be new content coming from various countries too as YouTube Premium expands internationally. 

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It will be exciting to see this new platform expand considering all the talented YouTubers these days. The struggle to find content creators won't be a problem considering the vast amount of stars YouTube has created. 

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